Costa Rica’s Unbelievable Canopy Tours – An Amazing Life Experience

Without question one of the most exciting and memorable experiences that your family can share in Costa Rica is to glide through the forest treetops in one of its many world famous Canopy Tour adventures. This is an activity that is both exciting and safe for children from ages of 8 to 88.

Canopies Tours originated in Costa Rica in the 1970s and over the years there have been many advancements in both safety and design. Originally Canopy Zip Lines were not developed as a tourist attraction, rather they were developed by US scientists to study the canopies of trees in forests there without disturbing the life. They found that “zipping” from tree to tree was far less disruptive to wildlife and the habitat than having to attach ladders orclimbing equipment to each individual tree.

As scientist developed their techniques of gliding through the canopy from platform to platform they began employing equipment that was common to other adventure spots such as rappelling and spelunking. Scientists quickly discovered the unique benefits of exploring the jungle canopy from above and by using this technique scientist was able to study the canopy ecosystems in much greater depth. However we suspect that they just thought it was a lot of fun.

As a sport, canopy tours first became popular in Costa Rica during the mid 90’s and have since spread all over the world. Ifflying at 120 feet from the ground seems to you as both an incredibly frightening and exciting idea, just imagine what it must be like to do it among the tree top canopy of the tropical forest. For those that are afraid of heights they quickly forget that they are suspended so high off of the ground. To the contrary there is a feeling that you are in your own little world, engaged with wildlife that you do not see on the ground. We have had many clients that claimed to be afraid of heights that have come back raving about the experience.

The Canopy Tour is an adventure sport that is safe for the entire family, though not all Canopy Tour Companies are created equal. Some of these courses are pure thrill rides, while others offer a closer and slower paced view of the rainforest, mixing in some hanging bridges, gondolas and guided walks along jungle trails. That said, you would discover that the rainforest canopy offers a unique world of its own, filled with creatures that only inhabit those enchanted regions. Some companies will even let you camp overnight in the platforms atop the trees. With all the choices available, Eco Interactive planners are here to help you choose the Canopy Tour experience that is best for you.

Of all the incredible experiences that Costa Rica has to offer your family, the Canopy Tour should be at the top of your list.


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