La Nina Coming Soon!!!

The Costa Rican green season is set to start a month earlier than it usually does according to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), who announced that these weather conditions are largely due to ‘La Nina’.

La Nina is Spanish for ‘a little girl’ but is also used to describe abnormal weather conditions that produce more wet weather and storms than usual. El Nino coincindentaly is Spanish for ‘a little boy’ and is the opposite of La Nina, used to describe abnormal weather conditions that make a season dryer than usual.

The wet weather is set to affect the Central Valley region first around the middle of April before the rest of country enters the Green Season a few weeks later, and the IMN are blaming La Nina. La Nina which affected the country last year has affected ocean temperatures this year which will bring this years green season a month forward than usual.

La Nina affected the country during 2007 dropping tons of rain all over Costa Rica causing flooding and landslides. The Costa Rican authorities have worked hard throughout the dry season to help bring the areas that were worst hit back on their feet as well as implementing more measures to help prevent flooding in the future. However with the green season set to hit earlier, time is now running out for some of the projects so that they are completed in time.

Adventure enthusiasts are said to be looking forward to what the wet seasons brings however as rivers start fill up making them ideal for exciting water rafting trips not to mention that the plant life starts to blossom with the wildlife not far behind.


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