Review: Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

By CJ Ramer

Costa Rica VacationThis weekend I headed out to the Central Pacific area in Costa Rica to visit the Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park.

The park is an 1 ½ trip from San Jose and can be reached by either Orotina or Puriscal. We decided to take the less transited route by Puriscal instead of the most popular route through Orotina. The route through Ciudad Colon and Puriscal wasn’t actually that bad. The roads are in very good condition and it even seemed as a quicker way to get there.

(For complete review click here)

Visit the Turu Ba Ri web site: CLICK HERE

To arrange a visit to Turu Ra Ri, Contact Julio at Eco Interactive

Feel the thrill of the Turu Ba Ri Zipline experience in the amature video by fedele1

Experience the Turu Ba Ri Zipline

By Fedele 1


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