Bill Gates visits Costa Rica’s Papagayo, Kioro Resort and Roasted by David Letterman

Bill Gates

Anyone who lives in or has visited Costa Rica’s sunny shores knows what makes many of its first-time visitors into repeats: beautiful beaches, impossibly green rain forests, ecologically diverse cloud forests, and one of the world’s most active volcanoes, complete with natural hot springs. The country’s latest famous visitor, Bill Gates, arrived last Friday, April 4, along with his wife, Melinda, and two of his three children, aged 8 and 10.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates and his family flew into the five-star Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa yesterday, with more style than most, in a private helicopter. The computer mogul and family traveled first to the Four Seasons in Guanacaste where they have been staying, and opted for a four hour trip to see the hot springs in Arenal, during which time they reserved a suite and the children ordered hamburgers. Their afternoon stay was accented by beautifully manicured grounds, a spa that offers almost every indulgence you can imagine, and spectacular views of Arenal Volcano.

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Information About Health Care for Travelers to Costa Rica

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David Letterman on Bill Gates.

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