Magical Manuel Antonio, The Crown Jewel of Costa Rica’s National Park System

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica VacationManuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s most well known and most visited national park, despite the fact that it’s also the smallest. The Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological peninsula, completely surrounded by agricultural lands; it is essentially a biological island that is cut off from other habitats.

Manuel Antonio National Park is situated on the pacific coast of Costa Rica 7 kilometers south of the town of Quepos. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica VacationIt was created in 1972 and funded primarily by foreign interests. Prior to 1972 the land constituting the park had gone through several different foreign owners. Controversy over foreign ownership of the land and restrictions placed on access to the beaches by private owners, led to the Costa Rican Government taking control of the land and turning it into a National Park. Today, the park protects a beautiful remnant piece of the tropical forest that once covered a wide variety of marine life.

Among its most important fauna you will find the raccoon, coatamundi, agouti, two and three toed sloths, howler monkeys as well as the the white-faced and the highly endangered Mono Titi squirrel monkey. Also found are brown pelicans, brown boobies, tyrant hawk-eagles, gray-headed chachalacas, solater’s ant bird, anteaters, and ocelots.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica VacationManuel Antonio offers a uniquely Costa Rican blend of breathtaking Rainforest Jungles, Sun Kissed Beaches, a vast array of actives along with the amenities of a world-class resort. In Manuel Antonio you will find hiking, rafting/kayaking, canopying, ATV, sailing, bird watching, sport fishing and much, much more.

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