Discover True Beauty And Natural Serenity At La Paz Waterfall Garden, Costa Rica

Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfall Garden

Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfall Garden

Not far from the capitol city of San Jose deep in the heart of Costa Rica is an adventure set high in the lush tropical mountains of the rain forest. La Paz Waterfall Gardens is only about an hour drive from downtown San Jose yet it offers an incredible journey that captures the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s excellent climate and densely packed forest teeming with wildlife and flora.

At La Paz Waterfall Gardens you can start the day by walking down the amazing nature trail into giant aviaries filled with a variety of native birds, parrots and toucans. Further down the nature trail is another large aviary with brightly colored butterflies and cocoons waiting to hatch. Following up the butterflies are the humming birds sipping a drink of sweet nectar from one of several feeders.
Rounding out the nature trail are the snake cages, frog exhibit, beautiful orchids and the “Casita” serving
authentic style tamales.

A wonderful family destination

A wonderful family destination

If you are ready for an easy adventure hike you can continue down the nature trail to several magnificent waterfalls cascading down the mountain side. Go further up the trail and cast a line into trout lake and pull in a fish. In all there are five incredible waterfalls as La Paz that you can get right up next to and feel the mist while snapping a picture. While visiting La Paz if you are looking for an excellent photo opportunity, just down the road a little way past the resort is another incredible waterfall right off the highway that you can stand behind to take pictures.

Lodging at Waterfall Gardens in one of the quaint villas is an experience you won’t soon forget as the rooms have an outdoor tropical theme with plants, flowers and tubs shaped from stones. The bathrooms are truly an experience all to themselves! At the end of your nature hike and sightseeing follow up an incredible day by taking a dip in the pool or sipping down a refreshing cocktail in a comfy lounge chair at the poolside bar.
La Paz Waterfall Gardens is truly a gem in Costa Rica you won’t want to miss. Weather just enjoying a small day trip hiking around the nature trails, to staying at the charming Peace Lodge or planning a full out wedding, La Paz Waterfall Gardens has something to offer anyone in a tranquil serene setting. For more information or reservations check out

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Hummingbirds Feeding at La Paz Peace Lodge


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