Costa Rica Tourism Industry Focuses on Social Responsibility

Eco Interactive supports the Saving Mono Titi Conservation Program

Eco Interactive supports the Saving Mono Titi Conservation Program

The Special Commission for Tourism in Costa Rica has ruled in favor for Law 16, 389 which seeks to encourage corporate social responsibility among the tourism industry.  According to the Commission’s president, Ana Helena Chacon, despite all the mega tourism investments Costa Rica has experienced and benefited from, has not been able to permeate poverty.

Chacon stated that the law is necessary so that hotels, tour operators and travel agencies will have the initiative to carry out corporate social responsibility programs in the communities where they interact.  Therefore, these companies will not continue their roll as a member of the community from which they profit, but will also take the roll to responsibly interact with other elements as well.

According to the proposed law, companies receive a great deal of benefits from its community as tourists interact with employees, suppliers, civilians and the government.  Therefore the companies must comply with the regulation and create jobs that will develop an ethical behavior.

Turtle Breeding Program in Costa Rica

Turtle Breeding Program in Costa Rica

Sexual exploitation has also been addressed in the law requiring the industry to include the information that the sexual exploitation of children is a crime and penalized by law in all of its promotional material.  The sexual exploitation of minors is a serious crime in Costa Rica and by requiring the tourism sector to include the information in all its promotional materials will send the message out to the world that these practices are strongly punished.

Should authorities find that a company is involved in these practices, the owner or owners will have their businesses suspended for a time frame that ranges from 3 to 10 years.

Eco Interactive is a leader in Social Responsibility and Wildlife conservation.  Eco Interactive Vacations directs all profits into the Eco Preservation Society and the Saving Mono Titi Conservation Project.


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