Tree House Lodge on Costa Rica’s Exotic Caribbean Coast

The Tree House Lodge is located on ocean front property in the famous Punta Uva beach, just south of the laid back town of Puerto Viejo on the exotic Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  The property is actually located within the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

Many natural and cultural beauties surround the Lodge, making it the perfect place to enjoy, relax and experience this very different and special area of Costa Rica.  Total privacy, a natural and tranquil atmosphere, and full relaxation are the key elements you will find at the Tree House Lodge.  With your own beach access to a 300-meter beach front, you won’t have to see anybody else during your stay at this romantic hideaway.

The entire Beach house was built with wood from fallen trees. Before the development of the Beach House, the owners spent several months finding, cleaning and cutting the lumber of fallen trees in the forest. Some of the Nispero trees had been on the ground for more than 10 years.


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