Volunteer for Turtle Conservation, Stay on One of Costa Rica’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Click Here For More information about the Marine Turtle Project at Playa el Rey

This is your opportunity to participate in a critical conservation and research effort, and at the same time live on one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful, pristine and least visited beaches. The sea turtle monitoring and conservation season at this site runs from June through December. Participants are invited to stay from 1 to 7 months.  You will have the opportunity to work with trained professional biologists, wildlife conservationists and environmental professionals, as well as personnel from the Costa Rican Environment Ministry. You will also have the chance to spend time with local people, through our education programs, and local students who also come to volunteer with the project. You will take part in our research efforts and all their activities. This includes beach cleaning, night watch patrols, searching the beach for turtle eggs (mostly at night), taking scientific data, learning about sea turtle habits and population, taking care of the nesting area, construction activities, environmental education activities and the liberation of hatchlings. You will live in rustic, comfortable conditions, far away from any human presence. You will be provided with three home cooked Tico meals each, and will also have time to enjoy your surroundings. Laying in a hammock, looking out over the pacific ocean, reading, playing soccer on the beach and searching for local fauna are all encouraged during your free time.

You will also be a short drive away from the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s premier destinations where you will find the diversity of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Regular trips “back to civilization” will be planned for those volunteers who want to grab a beer, go out dancing or use the internet. Those trying to escape civilization are welcome to stay at the beach as long they want.

Our project runs from June through January of each year, and you are welcome to join us for as long as you’d like, anywhere from just a few days to several months.

Schools and educational travel groups are also welcome to visit through specially designed visits.

Click Here For More information about the Marine Turtle Project at Playa el Rey

Click Here to Apply

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