Costa Rica White Water Rafting Overview: Rivers, Locations and Descriptions Costa Rica Eco Vacations Travel

Eco Interactive works with many fine river rafting tour operators in Costa Rica.  The sport is safe and exciting.  In Costa Rica, the diversity is simply amazing and Eco Interactive can work with you to find the river rafting experience that is right for you.  The following video was prepared by Costa Rica River Adventures and gives you an idea of what you can expect in a river rafting excursion.

If you have only a limited time to see the wonders of this beautiful country, river rafting is not only one of the most enjoyable way to see Costa Rica, it is also one of the most exciting. The warm, rushing rivers which sweep through Costa Rica’s lush countryside offer world class white water rafting and kayaking opportunities. Rafting enthusiasts from around the world pit their skills against these wild and turbulent rivers. Known not only for their exciting rides, these rivers offer scenic beauty unparalleled anywhere in the world. Lush tropical rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, and abundant wildlife line the hundreds of rivers which continually feed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Rio Reventezon flows from the dam of the same name in the Orossi Valley down the Atlantic slope to the Caribbean Sea. With multiple sections of the river available for rafting, there is something for beginners and experienced rafters alike.

The Rio Pacuare is generally considered to be Costa Rica’s premier and most accessible river. Lined with stunning natural beauty, this river is quite literally overwhelming. With year-round accessibility and genuine level four rapids, the Rio Pacuare is perfect for both experienced rafters and experts.

For those experts looking for the most difficult and challenging rapids in the country, Rio Chirripó is it. Flowing down from the second highest mountain in all of Central America, Rio Chirripó is a difficult class five. Only available from late August through early November, at the height of the rainy season, Chirripó is fast, exciting and big.

On the west coast, the Rio Sevegre and Rio Naranjo begin their descents from the mountains which stand tall behind Manuel Antonio National Park. Accessible both during the dry and rainy seasons, these challenging rivers plunge towards the pacific coast before emptying into the cool, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

If you travel north to the Volcano Arenal or Monteverde areas, The Peñas Blancas river flows directly out of the private reserves of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, making it hands down, the cleanest and most pristine white water run offered in the country! The class 4 section of this river passes through fauna and wild life rich, forested canyons that rise up to over 700 feet in sections. Also found in this stunning canyon are natural volcanic hot springs, and picturesque water falls (some falling into the river from over 120 feet!). The Peñas Blancas has two half day sections (one class 3, the other class 4) that leave twice daily from La Fortuna, San Carlos or you can combine the two and add a great hot lunch to make it a full day excursion.

The Toro river is a full day trip that combines some of, if not the best continuous class 4 white water in the country, with beautiful deep canyons and old growth forest scenery. Also in the area is the gorgeous class 2, 3 and 4 sections of the Sarapiqui River, offering some rarely ever run (or seen) class 4 and 5+ rivers or steep creeks; ideal for the hard core kayaker.

These and other great rivers are available through a number of different tour operators. Prices for the different rivers vary and multiply-day trips are available for many of them.   For more information on White Water Rafting in Costa Rica contact Eco Interactive Vacations.


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